Marlene Dietrich with her husband, Rudolf Sieber, at a train station in Paris. Both arrived from Hollywood, May 20th, 1930

“Even bedridden, she was the most beautiful old lady I’d ever seen. There she was with no makeup but still beautiful skin, big blue eyes and little hands fluttering like small birds in the air. She smelled beautiful too, like roses.” - Sacha Briquet


Blonde Venus - Cary Grant / Marlene Dietrich. 


Marlene Dietrich and her daughter Maria Riva in a photo taken by director Josef von Sternberg, 1930.

Shanghai Express, 1932.


Marlene Dietrich presents an Honorary Foreign Language Film Award to France/Italy and the Walls of Malapaga, voted by the Board of Governors as the most outstanding foreign language film released in the United States in 1950.


Marlene Dietrich in Morocco. 1930.

private film footage of Marlene Dietrich in her Vacation, 1937

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