I walked on set the first day and I looked over and I saw the most beautiful child with an unusual beauty, a special kind of beauty and I said “that’s Dorothy!” and I remember what a beautiful person she was inside.

-Ray Bolger remembering Judy Garland


The Great Lady Has an Interview Ziegfeld Follies, 1945

"My [singing] style really has no style, because I try to sing each number differently. I’ve always believed that if style takes precedent over the words and music, the audience get’s cheated. It’s like when people see a fine play or movie. They imagine themselves in the leading role. I want them to imagine that they’re singing - not just listening to someone else." - Judy Garland

Judy Garland by Douglas Kirkland, 1961.

"There is a time to talk and there is a time to be quiet and respectful." - Douglas Kirkland on this image.

I’ve learned that you can’t run away from your problems. If that sounds corny, I apologize, but it takes a lot of learning just to get that far. I no longer expect things around me to be perfect or ever to be perfectly satisfied with myself. I used to have absurd pictures of what my life ought to be like - and when it didn’t go along that way, I’d go to pieces. But I’ve discovered that part of the wonderful richness of the world is in it’s imperfections.

- Judy Garland

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