Audrey Hepburn photographed by Jack Cardiff, 1956

"I saw her bodily - Marilyn - for the first time and I was struck as by an apparition in a fairy tale. Well, she’s beautiful - anybody can notice this, and she represents a certain myth of what we call in France ‘la femme eternelle’. On the other hand, there’s something extremely alert and vivid in her, an intelligence. It’s her personality, it’s a glance, it’s something very tenuous, very vivid, that disappears quickly, that appears again.
      You see, it’s all these elements of her beauty and also her intelligence that makes the actress not only a model but a real woman expressing herself. Like many people, I heard many things that she had said, but last night I had the pleasure of having dinner next to her and I saw that these things came fluidly all the time… all these amusing remarks, precise, pungent, direct. It was flowing all the time. It was almost a quality of naivete… and it was completely natural.
      In her you feel the woman, and also the great discipline as an actress. She’s American and it’s very clear that she is—she’s very good that way; one has to be local to be universal.”

- Henri Cartier-Bresson

Ava Gardner on the set of On The Beach.  Photos by Wayne Miller, 1959.


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